Joseph Wheeler

Creator Of StuffJoseph Wheeler has been writer since the days of wearing striped earth toned long sleeve velour shirts and parting your hair down the middle with a slight side feather was cool. He is a creative director for a venture development firm and is passionate about design centric solutions that solve the worlds problems. Always a defender of the arts and the collective creative tribe of innovative thinkers.His collection of written works will be released in the near future.
Watch this site. An author is appearing…sans velour.

You Write?

At what point can you call yourself a writer, a wordsmith, or an author?Is it based on the quantity of words written every day?Is it based on the frequency of high syllable words on the page?Is it based on making the best seller list of everybody’s faves?Is it based on publicity that amuses a celebrity authors fanbase?Is it based on an industry monopoly that edits to please everyone in every way?Is it when we fade away and the copyright extends 70 years after ones last age?The work you create is all that matters.The stories will last many lifetimes.Everything else is superfluous.

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